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For over forty years I have been accompanied by cameras

through life, analog, digital, compact, mirror and

system cameras. Snapshots, landscapes,

nature, street, architecture, private events.


Hobby photography with a lot of fun and ambition.

Autodidact without textbook perfectionism.

Workshops, excursions, exhibitions, photo events.


Not a slave to the viewfinder,

as long as I do not look through it.


And now with more time and leisure focus on life.


Lust for people in front of the camera, personalities in

the pictures. Moods, fun, characters, feelings, experiments,

individual beauties, dreams, dares

… space for much.


Exciting places, special moments, charming encounters.


In my own small studio or on any other location.


Let's try & have fun!

Born 1959


two adult children

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